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Three organisations from Germany (CJD), Poland (TEATR GRODZKY) and Spain (INTRAS), with different but complementary experiences working with disable people, are participating in this initiative.


INTRAS is a Spanish non-profit organisation dedicated to high quality research and intervention in the mental health field. Its main target group consists of people suffering from mental disorders, whereby the organisation also performs activities and offers services to the disabled, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion in general. INTRAS nowadays consists of 8 centres in 3 different provinces in Spain with over 80 psychiatrist, psychologists and professionals in social and educational fields carrying out training and clinical practice. INTRAS is responsible for the coordination of MIROPE project. More information: www.intras.es


CJD is a large, nationwide educational institution, running about 150 centres in different locations in Germany, employing 8.000 staff members and annually training around 150.000 young people and adults, who are in great majority suffering from various disabilities. CJD acts as an intermediary structure between vocational education, research, rehabilitation and labour market, closely working with the National agency of labour with local and regional departments, universities and high schools in the province and psychologists, hospitals and other important stakeholders in the public health system. More information: www.cjd-bbw-frechen.de


Grodzki Theatre has run educational and artistic programs in Poland for vulnerable social groups, including disabled people, youth at risk and unemployed people, improving their educational and vocational opportunities. It is specialised in using psychodrama in adult education and drama and role playing techniques as a vehicle in education. Grodzki theatre is a highly recognized institution in academic as well as practicing circles of psychodrama and education; they will be in charge of the truly innovative dimension of the project, investing teaching tools with its expertise for the purpose of facilitating occupational opportunities of people with mental illness. More information: www.teatrgrodzki.pl